Monday, August 08, 2011

Best Video Conferencing Tools

Communicate Easily with Video Conferencing Tools

Whether you're a business person who needs to communicate regularly with clients and partners or someone who simply
wants to keep in touch with family and close friends, you can easily do that with the help of video conferencing tools.
You only need to have a good Internet connection (preferably broadband) and a webcam.

From Expensive to Affordable

In the past, video conferencing called for high-end proprietary hardware systems that were too expensive for the average person to afford.
Today, however, video conferencing tools have become common and affordable for everyone. They also have features on top of the usual video, audio/VoIP, and text chat.
For instance, most video conferencing tools you'll find today have a feature that lets you do file transfers or even record your audio/video chats.

Easy as 1-2-3

It's also easy to get set up for video conferencing. In most cases, it only takes a few clicks of the mouse.
And while the video quality is largely dependent on which tools you use, your webcam's quality and your Internet connection's speed
and bandwidth influence how good your video conferences will turn out.

Picking the Right Video Conferencing Tools for You

Your choice of video conferencing tools largely depends on your particular needs.

Do you want to be able to video conference with several people at a time?
If so, you'll need a video conferencing tool that allows multiple camera streaming feeds.

If you'd like to be able to also type while you're in a call, look for a video conferencing tool that has a text chat feature.

If you're primarily using video conferencing to collaborate and exchange files, look for a video conferencing tool that allows file sending while you're in a call.

A Few Options

There are many video conferencing tools available today.
Skype, for example, is one of the most popular and is ideal if you just want to do one-on-one video conferencing.
However, if you'd like to be able to talk to more than one person at a time, below are a few video conferencing tools that have that feature.

* ooVoo - This software is still in beta. It's free to use but requires registration after downloading and installing in your computer.
It has Windows and Mac versions. With ooVoo, you can video conference with up to 6 people and do text-chat as well as record video messages. ooVoo has a file sharing feature also.
It lets you share as many as 25 files (25mb/file max) simultaneously to an unlimited number of people.

* Adobe Connect Now - This video conferencing tool is one of the online collaboration tools of
This tools enables you to do video conferencing and VoIP. It also has whiteboard, file sharing, chat, and screen sharing features.
Adobe Connect Now is free after registration.

* VSee - This free videoconferencing tool lets you talk with several people at a time. It has a feature that allows you to edit and annotate documents remotely.
You can share apps and desktops, record and share videos, and transfer files. What's cool about this video conferencing tool is that you can remotely control cameras -- tilt, pan, and zoom them.

* SightSpeed - This light and inexpensive video conferencing tool lets you do video calls with as many as 9 people at a time.
While you're on a video call, you can text chat, share files, and record your sessions. It's $9.95 a month to use this service.
SightSpeed is ideal for business use.

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